Make The Elite Advisor Program Part of Your Corporate Training

A Proven Blueprint For Growth

What if I told you it’s possible to teach your advisors everything they need to know in 6-12 months? When I say everything, I mean everything! As a former advisor myself, I’ve tried and tested many strategies and put together, what I know from my own experience, is proven to work.

I want to help advisors grow their financial planning businesses in the fastest time possible, and not waste time with tools and philosophies that are ineffective.

That’s why I created my interactive online course. I condensed decades into days, and 30 years of experience into 6 months of training and 6 more months of mastery. The system is broken into five modules with one subject area per month plus a live monthly Q&A with me to keep advisors on track.

Throughout the program, each participant is given a “repeatable roadmap” to take back to their business and use immediately. This is the exact blueprint I used to build my business and achieve success in a way I never thought possible. It’s not about working harder – it’s about using the right tools to work smarter.

This program is product-agnostic. It is business training, not product or investment training. All of my material has passed compliance at dozens of broker-dealers across the country, so you can feel confident that your advisors and your brand are in good hands.

My goal is to get this life-changing and business-growing information into as many advisor’s hands as possible while ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the course.

When your advisors sign up for my e-course, they (and you) are getting resources and proven methods that cover ALL aspects of the business; especially the importance of reframing the perspective of going from advisor to financial services business owner.

This will allow each of your advisors to serve more clients, make more money, and have more freedom.

The Hard Truth

Most advisory practices are created by a single advisor who becomes the name and face of their firm. They may have employees who get work done, but only because they –the advisor– is there every day to make things work.

They make the important decisions and they generate all or most of the business. They meet with all of the clients and perform most of the important tasks in their organizations.

In the beginning, things grow steadily and they start making a name for themselves. Then, as if overnight, they are overwhelmed with how much needs to be done, and they begin to realize they are too busy working IN the business to ever work ON the business.

The painful reality is that most financial advisors end up getting caught in the “Self” Employment Trap. They’re working so hard, they fail to notice they’ve given themselves a never ending “job” at their own company. They can’t step back and focus on growing the business itself because they’re too exhausted running the day-to-day.

What’s more, because of the way they are building their business, the more success they have, the more trapped they can become in the day-to-day operations of their company.

I’ve been there. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. I found a way to change processes and deploy systems that work, and went on to build a multi-Seven Figure Firm. I want to share with your advisors exactly how I did it.

Give your team a proven path to business success with an action plan created by an advisor, for advisors.

Add the Elite Advisor Training Platform to
Your Corporate Training.

What Will You & Your Advisors Receive?

      ★      Full Course Access
Online membership access to the 5 completely video-based program, including all the worksheets, checklists, video and audio lessons, and more – so your advisors can watch and learn whenever and wherever. (over 14 hours of unique recordings)

      ★      Downloadable Audio Lessons 
All the mp3 audio tracks for all the courses are downloadable – so advisors can listen while driving, commuting on the train, or anytime. (hours of recordings)

      ★      Exclusive Scripts & Powerpoint Slides
Access to all the written transcripts and all the Power Point slides – so they can
print these out and put them into practice right away. The Secret Sauce scripts, for example, are the most downloaded package in the entire course – and for good reason… they work.

      ★      Prospecting & Marketing Mastery
Get the inside scoop on how Erin built her book of business without prying for referrals from friends, family, or neighbors, and the exact pre- and post-appointment scripts your advisors can use in their businesses immediately. Includes Prospecting in the VIRTUAL world too!

      ★      Building a ROCKSTAR Team
Learn what Erin uses to identify rockstars on her team, and what your advisors can do to turn good players into great ones in their business. This is where your advisors will start making exponential gains, and she’ll show you the easy way to make it happen, regardless of location or clientele.

      ★      Flipping the Owner Switch
Your advisors will get the exact formula for automating elements and earning back their freedom. Learn what it takes to flip the switch to become an owner, and step away from being a day-to-day advisor. Your advisors will learn how to transfer their clients to their team so they can continue growing.

      ★      … and More
Exclusive access to monthly live Q&A teleconference access – so they can get ALL your questions answered on a LIVE call-in with Erin – (we’ll record these so if you can’t make it live – no worries) Erin normally charges $10,000 for an hour presentation!

Erin Botsford Financial Advisor Training Programs

I grew my business from $300k to $3 Million in record time,
and it changed everything.

Let me show you how your advisors can achieve the same results with the exact blueprint I used. They can avoid mistakes and grow their business exponentially. What advisor doesn’t want that?”

Why This Program Works

This is NOT a coaching program. Instead, advisors get to model what I did to create a
multi-million dollar practice.

Coaching is great for accountability, but modeling is the quickest way to achieve actual results.

With this program, advisors get involved right away, do the work, and replicate the steps I took and tools I used.

The program is designed so advisors can go through it in about six (6) months – not 6 years. After completing the program, the advisors are invited to participate in the Mastery program, which includes monthly follow-up calls to address additional questions and provide support. And that’s where it stops. No life-long commitments.

Another difference is that your advisors will be trained by ME, not a junior advisor. After thirty years in the business, there is likely no sales or business scenario I haven’t faced. Together, we quickly break down any roadblocks that may be holding them back, and I guide them to the success they have always wanted to achieve.

Advisors don’t have time to waste. They want results now and a roadmap that works.

Discover what the Elite Advisor Training Platform can bring to your advisors today.

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