I've been where you are...

and I found a way out of the rat race and into the fast lane.


About Erin Botsford – My mission is to impact the lives of advisors who want to take their businesses to the next level and create self-managing companies – businesses that attract and serve clients with excellence without the advisor’s day to day involvement in areas of the business that don’t require the advisors unique capabilities.


I started in the industry in 1989 at a time when there were practically no mentors. We were given a few weeks of sales and product training and then sent off into the trenches to fend for ourselves, without many tools. Unfortunately, over the years, it seems little has changed; the attrition rate for advisors is just as high as it was 30 years ago. Most who have survived describe themselves as Financial Advisors and have created what they refer to as “practices.” However, their practices are totally dependent upon them, meaning they don’t really have a business; rather they just bought themselves a job with a friendly boss.

I believe if you follow the right model, you can grow your business into a self-managing one that allows you to step away without cause for concern.

I started with nothing, and I think many of you can relate. As a struggling advisor, I remember what it was like working seven days a week, burning out and wondering if it was all worth it. I didn’t take a day off or a vacation for the first seven years!  In complete frustration, I sought out mentors and coaches but with each, something was missing. With each coaching session came a blueprint – a list of to-do items but with no vision of where I was going or what the end game was going to look like.  How would I know when I got there?

Here’s a video where I share more of my story with Valerie Sokolosky & Company:


One day I got lucky. I met a man named Paul. In a chance encounter where we compared our three year progress, he had managed to grow his business 10x in 3 years! I had barely moved the needle.  I couldn’t believe it, so I asked Paul if I could spend the day with him and he graciously said yes. I knew that if I could see what a business that did 10x what my business was doing, I could replicate it. I needed to understand the psychology of being a business owner instead of a financial advisor, and that’s exactly what I did. Three years later my own company did 10x, and after being in the industry for 30 years, I have reached levels of success I could have never imagined.

I always said that if I ever “made it”, I would turn around and give back to the advisor community so that you can touch, see, and feel what a thriving, award-winning, self-managing company looks like. The best way I know how is to pass on my knowledge, tools, and wisdom to advisors who are ready to work hard to achieve their dreams, just as I have been able to achieve mine.

“Seeing other advisors grow their business and build a top tier company is my passion, and knowing I may have had an impact on their success is truly gratifying.

"My #1 Belief is that a business is supposed to be the catalyst that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire. A great business involves serving clients with absolute integrity, while providing you the time and freedom you work so hard to enjoy."


As my business evolved and needed less and less of my day-to-day involvement, my husband and I were able to focus more of our time, attention and financial resources to two philanthropic causes that are important to us: The Ebenezer Foundation, and supporting military veterans.

Half of the profits from my Elite Advisor Success System™ program and my Spend the Day Mastermind go directly to the orphans the Ebenezer Foundation, an an orphanage in Livingstone, Zambia. Today, we take care of about 85 orphans and 500 school children (with 1000’s waiting to get in). After I found out there are 1.4 million orphans in the country of Zambia alone, it fueled my passion to help give hope to as many orphans as I possibly can. I invite you to learn more and join me: www.ebenezerfoundation.org.

About Erin Botsford - Ebenezer foundation orphans | Erin Botsford



I believe if you have the right mindset and a solid work ethic, you can reach new levels of success and live the kind of life you have always dreamed of for you and your family. Whether you participate in my online course, read my book, join me at a speaking engagement, or come spend the day with me, I will only give you advice that I know works.

I will hand you the exact tools and resources we use at my firm every day. Everything you learn has been tested, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I had to make. You can have what I have in a fraction of the time. That is my promise to you.

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