The Elite Advisor Success System™

Take your business to the next level with training that lets you
serve more clients, make more money, and have more freedom.

What is the Elite Advisor Program?

Complete business building training.

When your business is producing results, it can often feel like you’re too busy to step away for even a moment, let alone to take a real vacation. When you’re in charge of every aspect of your business process, your production is limited to only what you can accomplish. There’s a better way.

The Elite Advisor program introduces the complete Elite Advisor Success System™ – a comprehensive training built to give you everything you need to break production plateaus, serve more clients, make more money, and have more time freedom.

Beyond mastering your mindset, ramping up your prospecting efforts and being able to close prospects at your first meeting, you’ll also receive an easy-to-follow model for developing a rockstar team, and all my automated processes and workflows in the exclusive “Machine” course.

We all know how important it is to have a team that knows what they’re doing. Perhaps more importantly, however, is knowing what each team member should be doing so you, as the business owner, can focus on what you do best – bringing in new clients.

The Elite Advisor program is built to give you all the pieces you need to build the business of your dreams. You’ll learn how to develop your team, prospect in the virtual world, close at the first appointment, integrate proven processes into your day-today operation, and set your business up to run like a well-oiled machine, even while you’re out of the office.

Elite Advisor Training Program | Erin Botsford - The Advisor Authority

What's included in the Elite Advisor Program?

  • Immediate access to online Success System (6 months)
  • Weekly email guidance on assignments and insights
  • The Elite Mindset course (all modules and materials)
  • Prospecting & Marketing course (all modules and materials)
  • The Secret Sauce course (all modules and materials)
  • Team Member Training / Perfect Assistant course (all modules and materials)
  • The Advisor Machine course (all modules and materials)
  • Exclusive scripts for better prospecting & sales
  • All of Erin’s Disturbing Tracts – helping you close prospecting at the very first appointment
  • Exclusive team compensation models / examples
  • Proven systems and processes (automation) to deploy in your business
  • Exclusive access to LIVE monthly calls with Erin and the team
  • First-Thing’s-First video bonus (for you to use in your prospecting)
  • Unlimited email support
  • …and more

The Elite Advisor Defined

The Elite Advisor program is ideal for advisors ready to take their business to the next level. This can include a solo advisor, an advisor with a single assistant, or be a full team of other advisors, assistants, or admins. Elite Advisors are looking to break through production plateaus, implement easy-to-follow scripts and models, and grow the business without their dedicated day-to-day involvement.

Five courses designed to help you become a confident Financial Services Business owner:


How mastering your mindset will catapult you to the next level.

  • How to use the “C.A.N.I.  Concept” to sharpen your mindset and improve your results.
  • A critical ‘Current State of Your Business’ Quiz you must take ASAP.
  • How to know if your actions are congruent and aligned with your goals.
  • A key “End of Life” exercise to put everything in your life into proper perspective.
  • An exclusive activity tracking tool that will change how you get things done.


9 Ways to Bring in More Clients in Less Time with Less Money

  • The 2 main psychological factors drive all decisions for your clients.
  • Using the ‘No Family, Friends & Neighbors Policy’ to build your pipeline.
  • What early AM tasks bring in the most small-business clients.
  • The FASTEST way to build your firm.
  • My pre- and post-scripts, sample flyers, and resources.


Exactly what you need to do to get more prospects to say YES!

  • Determine your best target market and their needs.
  • Don’t lead your talk with Investments or Insurance… EVER.
  • The best seating arrangement to boost your closing rates.
  • The best way to use your prospect’s net worth to get them to “yes.”
  • My actual sales scripts that sold hundreds of millions in $$ over 30 years!


The Exact Blueprint to Achieve Rockstar Status

  • What are the specific tasks and duties of an “Admin” to help make the practice efficient?
  • You can have 10 of my best email templates to use in your email correspondence.
  • What the ‘10 Steps of our Process’ are and how these can help you too.
  • How to train a team member to be the “perfect assistant.”
  • How to best take care of your ‘old-school’ clients.


Create Your Dream Team to Run Your Systems
& Processes for Flawless Execution

  • Who to hire first, second, and next on your dream team.
  • The best compensation models to implement.
  • The job descriptions we used which brought us high-quality candidates.
  • How we built our systems & processes manual by asking this 1 question.
  • The only way to build true enterprise value in your business is this way.

You're a good fit for the Elite Advisor Success System


You’re an advisor with a small team, and you’re struggling to break through a production plateau and achieve your larger revenue milestones. You want an easy-to-implement solution that can create results without adding to your to-do list.


You have a team that brings a lot to the table, but struggle to develop them into rockstars that can take the business to the next level. You want to build your team so they can achieve their big goals while also achieving big business goals in the process.


You’re a driven advisor that loves what you do, but you often feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. You’ve worked hard to get to this stage, and you’d like the freedom to take a vacation without worrying about the business falling apart.

What's Stopping You?

Imagine the impact of modeling the exact scripts, strategies, and business building methods from a Barron's Top 100 Advisor to help take your business to the next level. In a year from now, you'll wish you started today. So start today.

Erin Botsford Financial Advisor Training Programs

I wish I took this course when I first started. It would have helped me set up my business the way I wanted and have a plan for the future. The flow of information from one course to another was exactly what an advisor building a business needs. I don’t know of any other course that shares so much information, in such a short period of time and without unnecessary fluff.”

– MARIA K. –

Become an Elite Advisor Today

This is your opportunity to draw immeasurable value from a Barron’s Top 100 advisor, and learn exactly how to apply it to your business, your sales, your prospecting, and your life.

What Will You Receive?

      ★      Private Dinner the Night Before
We believe the best way to build better businesses and blow away previous records starts by breaking bread together. You’ll join Erin and her team for an intimate dinner to share stories and explore what’s to come.

      ★      Navigating the Mindset Minefield 
The lens through which you view the world and your business is more powerful than any tool you could acquire. Discover the one secret she uses to defeat the gauntlet of negative thinking, and what made her a pro at achieving even in what others may see as a “down market.”

      ★      The “Secret Sauce” to winning over prospects in 20 minutes or less
Learn what Erin does to completely differentiate herself and her business from all other advisors in the marketplace. Learn her winning formula for closing prospects on the very first meeting.

      ★      Prospecting & Marketing Mastery
Get the inside scoop on how Erin built her book of business without prying for referrals from friends, family, or neighbors, and the exact pre- and post-appointment scripts you can steal and use in your business immediately.

      ★      Building a ROCKSTAR Team
Learn what Erin uses to identify rockstars on her team, and what you can do to turn good players into great ones in your business. This is where your firm will start making exponential gains, and she’ll show you the easy way to make it happen, no matter your location or clientele.

      ★      Flipping the Owner Switch
Discover how she built her business with systems and processes that made it grow by itself. Get the exact formula for automating elements and earning back your freedom. Learn what it takes to flip the switch to become an owner, and step away from being a day-to-day advisor.

      ★      …..and More

This exclusive mastermind is designed to give you everything you need in just a single day!

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