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Barron's Top 100 Producer.

Advisors want to learn from other
advisors who have risen to the top.

Before I became a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor, I struggled badly for the first ten years in the business. Because I know the unique struggles of advisors at all levels, I can easily relate to their challenges and opportunities.  As evidenced by many testimonials, in one hour I can transform the trajectory of an advisor’s entire business. I can do this because I know EXACTLY what it takes to grow a top tier business from the ground up.  I know…because I’ve done it.


Here’s  a sample of what attendees can expect to learn:

  • The 5 Keys to Building the Business of Their Dream
  • The Mindset of Achievement (more than just goal-setting)
  • 3 Tools Advisors Can Use to Transition Clients to Their Team (this is BIG)
  • The Ultimate Key to Working with High Net Worth Clients
  • The Best Marketing & Prospecting Ideas that Work Today

Advisors want to learn from top producers – Erin delivers every trick in her book when she speaks.

Erin's Well-Received Presentations

      ★      The 10X Advisor Challenge – 5 Keys to Building the Business of Your Dreams
For advisors who want to serve more clients and have the ultimate freedom – more time off and more money.  Advisors will learn the mindset and exact strategies Erin used to grow her business by 10X in a few short years, leading her to the Barron’s Top 100 list. Whether the advisor wants to 2x, 5x or 10x their business, these keys are critical to learn and implement.

      ★      Women Have Absolute Veto Power – How to Win in the Women’s Market
You don’t have to be a female advisor to be successful in the women’s market. Learn the psychology and secrets necessary to win over female clients in all situations and get them to be your fierce advocates. Spoiler alert: always seat the woman at the head of the table.

      ★      The “Secret Sauce” – The Formula for Winning Over 80% of Prospects in 20 Minutes or Less
Learn what Erin does to completely differentiate herself and her business from all other advisors in the marketplace.  Learn her winning formula for closing prospects on the first meeting…and yes, you can replicate it.

      ★      Transitioning Clients to Your Team: How to Do it in 3 Meetings or Less
This is a FREEDOM BUILDER. To grow your business, you cannot meet with every client every time. Eventually there are no more hours in the day.  Learn how to easily transition all or a portion of your clients to your team in three easy steps.  Erin explains why it is SO important for the advisor and the clients that the business DOES NOT depend upon the owner/advisor.  Included are specific tools for hiring top-tier, client-facing team members.

      ★      Lifestyle Driven Investing™ – An Investment Alternative to Modern Portfolio Theory
The problem with Modern Portfolio and the 4% rule is not that it doesn’t work; it just doesn’t work all of the time.  Learn an alternative to MPT that has been tried and tested through the last two market meltdowns.

      ★      Create Raving Fans Using Systems and Processes
This program gives advisors the easiest ways to “systematize the predictable’ which, in turn, creates exceptional and repeatable client experiences. This leads to more client referrals – the lifeblood of a successful business.

      ★      BE BIG – Your Brand Should be Bigger than You!
Most often overlooked in other trainings, building a unique brand message is a missing key to advisor success. Erin teaches how to articulate your value proposition, appear “BIG,” and create a winning sales formula, regardless of the size of your practice.

      ★      The Importance of Charging a Financial Planning Fee
With margins on asset management shrinking, the need to create alternative streams of income has never been greater. Learn how to charge the right financial planning fees, not only increases your bottom line but to also guarantee all other product revenues.

      ★      …..and More

So if you would like Erin to teach your advisors how to reach seven figure production and beyond, while building a firm that runs itself so they can enjoy the life of their dreams… then contact Erin Botsford today for your next event. You’ll be pleased you did.

If you are interested in scheduling Erin as your next Keynote Speaker, please contact us today! 

The Impact of Erin's Training

“Seeing other advisors grow their business and build a top tier company is my passion, and knowing I may have had an impact on their success is truly gratifying.

"My #1 Belief is that a business is supposed to be the catalyst that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire. A great business involves serving clients with absolute integrity, while providing you the time and freedom you work so hard to enjoy."

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