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complete financial advisor training system | Erin Botsford - The Advisor Authority

What if I told you it’s possible to learn everything you need to know about becoming a more successful financial advisor in 6 months?


I’ve triedtested, and implemented everything in this training myself… so I know it works!

I assure you I don’t waste any time with tools and philosophies that don’t help you grow.

I created my complete financial advisor training program by condensing  30 years of experience into 6 months of focused learning.

The completely online financial advisor training system is broken into five modules, with one subject area per month, plus a live Q&A call with the team every month to keep you on track.

Throughout the program, you’ll be given a “repeatable roadmap” to take back to your business and use immediately.

You’ll receive tools to bring in new prospects, train assistants, build a reliable team, and much more!

Because this course is aimed to cover a lot of content in a short amount of time, spots are limited.

Our goal is to get this life-changing and business-growing information into as many advisor’s hands as possible while ensuring the integrity and impact of the course.

When you sign up, you’re getting resources and proven methods that cover ALL aspects of your business; especially the importance of reframing your perspective from advisor to the owner of your own financial services business.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Into the Course


How mastering your mindset will catapult you to the next level.

  • How the “C.A.N.I.  Concept” is used to evolve your mindset and your business.
  • A critical ‘Current State of Your Business’ Quiz you must take ASAP.
  • How to know if your actions are congruent and aligned with your goals.
  • Use this one “End of Life” exercise to put everything in your life into proper perspective.
  • This one advisor tracking activity changed my business; now you’ll have it.
Financial Advisor Training Programs | Erin Botsford - The Advisor Authority

Exactly what you need to do to get more prospects to say YES!

  • Determining your best target market and finding out their needs.
  • Don’t lead your talk with these 2 things…EVER.
  • What is the best seating arrangement that will boost your closing rates?
  • What is the best way to use the prospects net worth in your sales talk?
  • My actual sales scripts that sold hundreds of millions in $$ over 30 years!

9 Ways to Bring in More Clients in Less Time with Less Money

  • What 2 main psychological factors drive all decisions for your clients.
  • Why the ‘No Family, Friends & Neighbors Policy’ worked so well for me.
  • What early AM tasks brought in the most small-business clients.
  • What was the FASTEST way I built my firm that you can still do today.
  • My pre- and post-scripts, sample flyers, and resources.
Financial Advisor Training Program for assistants and team members | Erin Botsford - The Advisor Authority

The Exact Blueprint to Achieve Rockstar Status

  • What are the specific tasks and duties of an “Admin” to help make the practice efficient?
  • You can have 10 of my best email templates to use in your email correspondence.
  • What the ‘10 Steps of our Process’ are and how these can help you too.
  • How to train a team member to be the “perfect assistant.”
  • How to best take care of your ‘old-school’ clients.

Create Your Dream Team to Run Your Systems
& Processes for Flawless Execution

  • Who to hire first, second, and next on your dream team.
  • The best compensation models to implement.
  • The job descriptions we used which brought us high-quality candidates.
  • How we built our systems & processes manual by asking this 1 question.
  • The only way to build true enterprise value in your business is this way.


Get ALL Your Questions Answered LIVE Directly from Erin

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A calls with a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor
  • Her 30-years of experience is available to you and your questions
  • Learn candidly what Erin did to keep her and her team at peak performance
  • Gain personal unscripted insights and advice on what you can do get un-stuck and overcome obstacles
  • Get proven, personalized tips and answers to take your business to the next level

The Elite Advisor Training Program



















The SILVER package is perfect for advisors who want sales growth and revenue generation fast, and are ready to hit the ground running, working at their own pace.

This DIY package is your one-stop-shop for creating more revenue in your business!




The GOLD package introduces the full Elite Advisor Success System. This package is perfect for advisors who want to grow their business beyond sales and revenue generation, adding team member training, monthly live calls with Erin, and systems for success.

If you want to grow your business and leverage your team, this is the right package for you.



+ $95/MO. AFTER 6 months

The PLATINUM package takes the full training to the elite level with unlimited support, guidance, and an assigned coach to help you reach your goals. This is for advisors who want to grow their business in all areas, including team training, sales, marketing, and beyond. This is perfect for advisors looking to grow their business with personalized guidance and support through the Elite Advisor program.

Advisor Success Stories


J. French

My closing ratio was very poor, and I was having a hard time pinpointing the reason. Then I listened to Erin’s Secret Sauce course and revamped my approach talk. Simply by tweaking my approach, I had several prospects convert to clients and my closing ratio improved overnight. Thank you for sharing your Secret Sauce with me!”

Brittany L.

“I’ve recommended that individuals in my peer group “hire” your system for their business owner development. So glad to get connected with you…and exceptionally thankful for your willingness to share your programs and expertise with this next generation of world-changing business-owner financial-planners!

David J.

“Erin’s course is amazing. She does a FABULOUS job of sharing her best ideas and practices after 30+ years in the industry and her firm’s templates are excellent and worth the cost of the program on their own. Last fall I was “stuck” on how to compensate my team and she had excellent compensation models that were invaluable to me.”

Andrea P.

“Erin’s class has helped me to refocus and get back to basics. What makes this even more unique is her ability to weave in and remind you that your business should feed your life and family, not the other way around. I can’t recommend these classes enough!”

Erica G.

“Thank you for an amazing experience! I am a goals-driven advisor, and a firm believer that you get out of training as much as you are willing to put into it. When I signed on for the Elite Advisor training, I was looking for some take away points I could use to take my business to the next level. What I received from this training has been so much more!”

Jason J.

“The Elite Advisor Success System is a great course. If you are looking to grow your practice to a business, this is the course for you. I am up over 60% in revenue for Q1 this year, compared to last year. The ideas and strategies Erin provides through in the course have been a major part of helping grow my business!”

Jackie R.

“Erin Botsford’s Elite Advisor program covers every perspective of our business. From our mindset to team structure and contracts, this course provides the details so many other programs only allude to. It was a worthy investment in my business. I have no reservations in recommending this program to my colleagues.”

Karim H.

“The material that you have put together is one of a kind, and I believe no one in the financial services industry has put together content as comprehensive as you have. I have benefited hugely because as a relatively new practice, many of the components that are necessary to build a successful financial services business were not in place.”

Scott F.

“The training is amazing –absolutely love it! There’s so much value in every lesson and now I have so many ideas running through my mind! Probably won’t sleep tonight as I think about it all. Definitely a great investment.”

Maria K.

“I wish I took this course when I first started. It would have helped me set up my business the way I wanted and have a plan for the future. The flow of information from one course to another was exactly what an advisor building a business needs. I don’t know of any other course that shares so much information, in such a short period of time and without unnecessary fluff.”

Brian VH.

“I would highly recommend this course for anybody because implementing just a few of these ideas is sure to increase revenue. Erin’s openness about her business and career was a breath of fresh air and truly appreciated. Erin absolutely takes the right approach in running a financial planning business.”

Kerina G.

“I must tell you that in my 13 years as an advisor and 22 years in the corporate world, I have never attended a better or more effective class. Erin is absolutely amazing and shared so many sales ideas, organization, administrative and many more items with us. It is not often that I say it is worth every single dollar, but it is!”

Choose a Single Course or Grab The Entire Program Below

Having an Elite Mindset is what separates successful advisors from successful business owners. This course is designed to change the way you see your firm, your clients, your goals, and what’s possible!

Take your prospecting to the next level and learn the 9 ways to bring in more clients in less time while spending less money! This course gives you ALL the scripts and samples I use.

The Advisor Machine is what puts your growth on autopilot! You’ll get the compensation models we use in our firm, job descriptions, systems, processes, and hiring order to reach the highest levels of success.


The completely online system is the financial advisor training program you've been looking for to take your business to the next level.

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